#Diverseathon TBR

Hey Guys,

So I did not post anything this week, but I am slowly getting into the groove of school plus my read schedule is all over the place with required reading and leisure reading but I am here with a special Saturday post.

As anyone who has been in the book community whether it be Youtube or Twitter, you have heard about the ugly video that was posted that stated many negative things about Diversity and why there should not be a push for Diversity into YA literature or any literature for that matter. In response to this ugly video a read-a-thon has been created.

The Diverseathon is being hosted by four amazing people, Monica K Watson, Whitney from Whittynovels, Christina Marie or LCMarie19 and Joce from squibblesread. (those are their twitter handles if you want to check them out.

The Diverseathon will be held from Monday September 12th to Monday September 19th. There are no set challenges or amount of books that need to be read. The only criteria is to read books that have or celebrate diversity.

Now for my TBR, usually I would love to read more books that I picked out but with school I will have to limit the amounts of books I can read. There are so many books I could read for this readathon but some of the ones I would love to read are back home so I will have to choose from the pile I have here with me at school.

The Three books I have chosen are:

1. Holding up the Universe by: Jennifer Niven

2. Middlesex by: Jefferey Eugenides

3. Persepolis by: Marjane Satrap

I will keep an updated progress as the week goes on and at the wrap-up I will highlight what each books has in the sense of diversity.

Well I hope many of you are able to participate in this Read-A-thon and I will be back Monday with another post.

Thanks for Reading,



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