School Book Haul

Happy Wednesday!

So since I began school this week I decided to do a book haul of the required reading I have for this semester. This semester I am taking three English courses and they differ from each other immensely

The Three English Course I am taking are:

1.British Literature with a Focus on the Beatles

2.Children's Literature

3. Special Author Topic: Dante

In result because of these English classes I had to buy a lot of books!

The books that I had to buy for each class are as Followed:

Beatles Class
1. The Cambridge Companion to The Beatles
2. Read The Beatles
3. Reading The Beatles Cultural Studies, Literary Criticism and The Fab Four

Children's Literature
1. When Sophie Gets Angry-- Really, Really Angry... By: Molly Bang
2.Chato and The Party Animals By: Gary Soto and Susan Guevara
3.The Princess and the Goblin By: George MacDonald
4.Coraline By: Neil Gaiman
5.Angel Square By: Brian Doyle
6.Frog and Toad Together By: Arnold Lobel

Dante Class
2. Purgatorio
3. Paradiso

Well as you can see I have many different books with many different subject matter. I am excited for these three classes. They will broaden my literature world greatly and I cannot wait. Although my Dante class is a little intimidating to me but I know I will enjoy it, hopefully.

Well that is it for now guys, I will have a post Friday which could be a Review or Quick catch up...I don't know yet.

Thanks for Reading!



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