Reading Decathalon Update and Currently Reading

Happy Friday!

So If you follow my Instagram (pantsbooks) you will see that I was in Europe for most of the summer. Which is why there were no post the past couple of months but I am back and getting back into the reading groove which conveniently Epic Reads started a Read-A-Thon called the Reading Decathlon.

The Reading Decathlon does not have a specific start and end date. You can Reads Novels or Graphic Novels there is no challenges set but there are 3 methods you could do for this Read-A-Thon if that makes any sense

Reading for Gold is Reading 10 novels (Which is the one I am doing)

Reading for Silver is Reading 5 Novels + 5 Graphic Novels

Reading for Bronze is Reading 5 Short Stories + 5 Novellas

I honestly do not know I will be able to read all 10 novels before the end of this Read-A-Thon but I am trying and currently I am on my 7th book on my 7th day which I have to say I am very proud of. This is also helping me with my Goodreads goal which I was behind by 9 books and now I am only behind by 4!
Onto my current read my 7th book is Stealing snow by Danielle Paige, which is a book I received when I attended BEA this past May. I am only 4 pages in but I have to say I am intrigued by the story. This is not usual read but I have been wanting to broaden my horizon with different genres and this might be the book to kick start the journey. 

Alright so that is it for now and keep out a lookout on my Twitter, Instagram and Tumblr for updates on my current reads and to see if I end up reading the Gold!

Thanks for Reading,



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