OwlCrate Box Reivew

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So I am finally Posting My review for Owl Crate. So as you saw on my Uppercase Review I have been looking into Subscription boxes and I was hoping to find some bookish subscription boxes. I actually found OwlCrate though Instagram. So As I began to read about OwlCrate I learned that had yet to launch, So I marked on my calender their launch date because I really wanted to try them out. The day of the Launch I quickly subscribed and impatiently waited for my OwlCrate the following month. 

Let me give you more information before getting to the boxes. OwlCrate was Created by Korrina and Robert who are from Canada, I believe, OwlCrate focuses on YA Genre which in their manifesto states, "No One is too Old to Read YA" Which I totally agree with. 

OwlCrate is also one of it's Kind because they will contain a newly released YA HARDCOVER book! Among with the book 3-5 bookish items to is related to the theme of that month Owlcrate. The price for OwlCrate might be more pricey than some other Subscription boxes but honestly you do get you money's worth and then some! OwlCrate cost $29.99 plus Shipping which for me its about $35 total, But lets focus what you get for this value:

A Newly Released Hardcover Book that usually values about $20-$25
Exclusive Book Content: A Poster, Sign Name Plate, Button
Bookish Items: Tote Bag, Figurines, Candle, Jewelry, Etc.
Another plus this shipment comes pretty fast I usually get it the second day from when it shipped so that is a big bonus for me. 

March Owlcrate:

When I checked my mail in March and saw this lovely package waiting for me I can honestly say I fan girl for a little bit. As I admired this cute box I decided to finally open it. I need that the theme of this box was Fantasy since if you follow on instagram you will see them release the theme of their boxes each month. 

Upon first opening the box I saw a beautiful card that listed contained in this box as I put it side I saw:
A awesome Games of Throne Figurine 
Unicorn Band-Aids!
These awesome Fantasy Theme Bookmarks 
Most Importantly the Book: A Darker Shade of Magic By: V.E. Schwab that also came with a button and poster! 

I loved the book that they chosen for this month because I was actually thinking about getting this book and they pretty much got it for me! 

I need after seeing my first OwlCrate, I knew I will continue my Subscription.

April OwlCrate:

So When my April OwlCrate arrived I was so Excited to see what OwlCrate will Surprise me with this time.  The Theme for this Month was All the Feels, so I was anxious to see what this would contain. What I saw was:

Hazel Flowers, a Candle from: from the page
Okay? Okay? Necklace that is from the Fault of our Stars.
Fan Girl Tote Page
Bookish Content: Book Mark, Sticker and Signed book plate 
and Of Course the Book! Everything That Makes you By: Moriah McStay 

I actually have not heard of this book but after reading the synopsis I have to say I am excited to read this book. 

Alright So My Verdict for OwlCrate is Subscribe,Subscribe and Subscribe. This is an awesome Subscription Box that I recommend everyone to try it out! Although the May Box is Sold out there is a wait list for the June Owl Crate but it is totally worth it!

Check them out on owlcrate.com also check out the instagram which is owlcrate

Alright, I am now anxiously waiting for the May OwlCrate which Theme is Parallel Worlds which I am excited to see what that entails. 

Alright that is it for now I will be back soon with my Read-A-Thon Wrap among with other post and on Wednesday I will announcing something pretty big so came back if you guys want to find out what it is or follow me on instagram or twitter and you will see my announcement there as well. 

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