BEA day 2

Hey Guys,

So I am writing this while laying in bed almost falling asleep. today was a long day but a good day. So my day started out at 5 am (yeah I know but I want to get there in good time after taking a shower and getting read and hoofing it to the Javits Center.

When they finally open I walked over to the Rebbecca Stead book signing which I happily got it such a cute cover! I will be giving highlights on certain books on my total BEA wrap up.

Afterwards, I decided ti walk around and I got some awesome tote bags among some awesome books. I later go back to line up for the Ernest Cline. I am happy I decided to line up when I did since the line later wrapped up twice! I was able to picked up Armada which is released July 2015! (also look at that cool swag the Armada patch!)

I later walk around and experience the vibe of BEA (yeah I am a geek) and saw that people were starting to line up for the Harquin book signing that contain Jennifer L. Armentrout, Adi Alsaid, Katy Mcgarry, Eleanor Herman and Dawn Metcalf. I got there at 11:30 (which the signing started at 1 pm and I was the 24th in line!

after meeting each author, which I would have to say Jennifer L, Armentrout is such a wonderful and friendly person I was very happy to finally meet her, I had a couple hour breaks so after doing some galley drops and having lunch I await for my most wanted book.

Everything Everything by: Nicola Yoon!! This book is not released until September but I needed to get this book ASAP! so The galley drop was at 4:30 which you would receive the ARC as well as an awesome tote! (I totally got it! I will be posting soon on my instagram.)

After obtaining Everything Everything I walked by and saw that Louis Sacher was signing his new book Fuzzy Mud and I decided to get in line because Holes was one of my favorite books when I was growing up so I wanted to read something else from him so why not this one!

Yes, I notice this is a choppy blog post but I wanted to just give my bigger highlights of my day and my wrap-up will be more detailed. What I love about BEA is meeting new people that love books and reading as much as you do!

Sadly Tomorrow is the last day but also tomorrow is a exciting day for the books I am hoping to get!

That is it now guys, I need to try to get some sleep.

Thanks for Reading,



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