The Program By Suzanne Young Book Review

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So Happy Lazy Sunday, well for me it has been a lazy day but at least one productive thing I will do is writing this book review. (oh wow that rhymed how lame is that)

So I finished my first book for the month of February and I have to say I picked a great book to start out the reading month.

I have to warn you from continue reading if you have yet to read the book since It contains spoilers and I would not want to ruin the book for anyone so you are warned!


 Alright So I really do not read books that talk about suicide, actually I believe before this book I have only read three that mentions suicide, But I have to say this book contains a great story and a different but maybe not realistic point of view of Suicide.

The Story Follows Sloane, A high school-er who is trying to go through the motions so she will not be taken into the Program, As we read her story we learn  the world has a huge epidemic going through teenagers where they are killing themselves in rapid pace. So the solution is something called the Program which Teenagers are take into a facility and cleansed through all their "infected" memories.

Sloane who lost her brother through suicide and her best friend through the program tries to cope with the overall fear and sadness while banding together with a her boyfriend and brother's best friend James and her other friend Miller. After Miller's Suicide things began to get worse and After James is taken into the Program Sloane cannot take the overwhelming feelings of being alone and sad and her mother turns her into the the program.

As Sloane is in the program we began to learn what is actually happening to these teenagers.Sloane begins to lose all her memory. During this time she meets a guy names Realm and deals with a disgusting man named roger who in trade she gets to keep one memory.

During this time I was very frustrated. I hated that Sloane was in the Program I hate the doctors and I hate the romantic element she had with Realm. I was team James and then after learning who Realm really was I began to feel sorry for him. He was just trying to find human connection even though he might have been doing it the right way.

I love seeing when Sloane went back into society. Although I do really feel this book is accurate when it comes to suicide I love to see the element of even though you might know your past or yourself relationships that contain an unbreakable bond will someone win in the end. That is what I saw when Sloane interacted with Lacey and how her heart and soul knew James was someone important even when she did not know herself. 

I question whether the program is actually looking out for their population or is it a method in controlling the population the fear that had instilled into the parents and their children could be what brings teenager to the brink of madness. Is this epidemic a reason for the program to exist or what else is there working with the element of this despair where people are killing themselves and is it really spreading?

I cannot wait to read the sequel which I already ordered it! I want to see what James, Sloane and Lacey have in store for us as well as how will Realm fit into this. Also The Epilogue was so sad for Realm in my opinion although many of the teenagers do not know who they are they still get to live and move on with their lives while realm is stuck in the never ending loop of doing the same thing it is maddening.  

I gave this book 5 out of 5 Stars it is an awesome book that I was not sure if I would going to like it because of it's topic but hey I was proven wrong.

So that is it for now guys I will be posting more reviews soon so stay tuned for those.

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