The Distance Bewteen us Mini Book Review

Hey Guys,

So I went into this really not know that much about it and I left books laughing and smiling. It is not a deep book that gets you mind flowing or your brain smoking...(yeah weird I know) What I think of it as a fun read. The story is about Caymen and Xander and how meet each other and begin to fall for each other. Of course in typical love story fashion there is conflict and disapproving parents and all in all it ends with an happy ending.

I have to say though it was tough for me in the beginning to really get into the characters. It was until a quarter into the book that I began to love Caymen's Sarcasm and Xander cute ways of being. I for one really felt that they could have broaden more on Caymen and her friend Skye relationship, they seemed like great friends but I did not feel like they showed that much interaction between them.

I was happy to pick up this book it was a light and airy read that got me smiling. This was also a good book to read after reading Rumble I needed something fun after that. I gave this book 4 out of 5 stars.

Thanks for Reading



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