Book Outlet Haul

Hey Guys, 

Soooo.. I received an email with a coupon for books, so naturally I bought books (hey book coupons it is going to happen I will buy books) 

It is a small haul but I wanted to share with you what I purchase 

1. The Madman's Daughter by: Megan Shepard ( I have heard great things about this book so I am excited to read this book) 

2. White Trash Damaged by: Teresa Mummert 

3. A Song For Us by: Teresa Mummert 

4. Between the Lines by: Jodi Picoult and Samantha Van Leer (which I am going to read as part of my 2015 reading challenge for a book written by someone under 30)

So this is my mini haul I bought some books that I really had my eye on for a bit and I am excited to start reading them. 

That is it for now guys,

Thanks for Reading,



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