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High School, four years of Cliques, Social Awkwardness,Bullying and unrequited romances. Everyone Hates School well mostly everyone. You are stuck between being a kid and becoming an adult.

For Melinda Sordino, high school is being the outcast, the most hated and the most forgotten. We follow Melinda through her first year in High School. We learn about her ex-best friends that no longer talk to her and her weird teachers that do not understand their students and we find out the Melinda is hiding a secret that is the cause of all this angst and fear and pain and someone would know if she just spoke.

As I read this book I began to imagine about being in High School again and I just had to shudder because I hated High School. It is very interesting to see that almost all high schools are the same there are the Jocks, The do gooders, the Popular and the Hipsters. There are in everyone School and for Melinda they complied into making her high school life into being miserable.

When we first meet Melinda, she does not speak to anyone, not to her parents who are in their own world and pretty much when they do speak to each other they just argue. Her ex-best friends do not want to do anything with her, which we later find out the reason why she is the most hated in the entire high school is because she called the Cops and people were caught drinking and lost their jobs. We also get hints that this is where this is the beginning of Melinda fear and despair.

We learn that Melinda was raped by a Senior named Andy at the end of the year party before her freshmen year. We also learn Melinda decided to say something when she say that Rochelle (Rachel)her ex-best friend begins to date Andy, at this moment it showed that even though everyone hated her, she could see someone else go through what she went through.

I really did enjoy reading this book. It showed the process of someone who had been hurt goes through as well as what happens when that person does not tell anyone. Melinda questioned if she was as fault or if she really did say no or not and the answer to that is yes she was raped she did not want what happen to her and we begin to see Melinda resolving that within herself and we actually get to see her fight back and also use her voice to shout back that she said no! it was very liberating for her and it was awesome to see her do that. One thing I do wish about this book was to learn more about the aftermath of what will happen. Maybe also to see how Melinda would turn around and be after talking about what happen to her.

Overall this is a great book. I gave it a 4 out of 5 stars.

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