Rebel Review

 Hey Guys Here is my Rebel By Amy Tintera Review,

 All I can say it is a great wrap-up to an amazing story. I love how Amy Tintera gave a happy ending to the story of Callum and Wren. Of Course there were some tragedy and A lot of Fighting but Overall it was an Amazing story.....

The Story Began exactly where Reboot ended, The difference between Reboot and Rebel is we got to the story from two point of views, Wren and Callum. I have to say I love dual point of view books (well within reason, I really do not like when it is hard to depict who is the person speaking) I love how we got to see the compassionate side of Callum and his thoughts and beliefs of what they were going through.

It was interesting to see how Wren and Callum beliefs and experience began to evolve. Wren began to see why Callum and many others wanted to help humans and help the other Reboot escape, she began to get in touch with her human emotions and compassion that she believed disappear after she had died. Callum began to see why Wren was Skeptical of Helping others when they were hated and people wanted to kill them just because they were a Reboot not because of the person they were.

The only thing I really did not like but understood was how fast Micah was killed and dropped out of the story, although he was only introduce into the story into the second book his presence was strong through the first half of the book and his actions is what jump started the whole second half of the book. I understand what most wanted to read about was freeing the rest of the reboot and tearing down HARC, I just wish there was a better transition.

I love how Wren and Callum Love Story progressed and I am so happy Callum family came around! Its amazing to see a happy ending for Callum,Wren Addie and the rest of the humans and reboot.

I loved Amy Tintera Writing and mostly I love it was sent in Texas since I am from Texas I could relate to when she talked about the Cities as well as Kerbey Lane Cafe since I have been there!

Overall I give this book 5 stars for it story and writing I loved it and I cannot wait to read more from Amy Tintera 

That's all for now guys thanks for reading,



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