Required Reading for School

Hey Guys,

So This semester has been crazy! I have made a spring resolution to blog more. I have felt that I have no been serious with my blogging since I only blog about once a month and I am hoping to blog at least twice a week!

So this is the beginning, at the moment I am on spring break and this week will be considered my semester overhaul. I will schedule myself better and get ahead with upcoming assignments I have for the semester.

In a previous post I mentioned I will be writing a post about the required reading I have for the semester, so lets begin!

I am enrolled in four english courses this semester (yeah I know I am crazy), the classes are as followed

Women & Literature
Charles Dickens
Adolescent Literature
World Literature

I have enjoyed these classes so far for many different reasons. They have broaden me on the genre of books I usually read and they have also enhance my critical thinking skills.

The Following Books that I am reading this semester are:

Women and Literature

1. Oroonoko By: Aphra Behn
2. Frankenstein By: Mary Shelley
3. Various poems and short stories from Emily Dickenson, Sandra Cisneros and Harriet Jacobs

Charles Dickens

1. Oliver Twist By: Charles Dickens
2. American Notes By: Charles Dickens
3. Our Mutual Friend By: Charles Dickens

Adolescent Literature

1. The Outsiders By: S.E. Hinton
2. The House on Mango Street By: Sandra Cisneros
3. Harry Potter and the Chambers of Secrets By: J.K. Rowling
4. Twilight By Stephenie Meyers
5. Street Love By: Walter Dean Meyers

World Literature

1. Things Fall Apart By: Chinua Achebe
2. Various Short Stories, Novellas and Poems from Joseph Conrad and many others

As you can see I have many different books I have to read, but I am loving every minutes of this and I would not want to be doing anything else, well reading more of my other books for fun would be nice but I still love this.

I have decided at the end of the semester I would be rating the works that I have read and briefly discussing works that I really enjoyed.

That is it for now,

Thanks for Reading!



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