Christmas Bookrtubeathon Day 1 Update.

Hey Guys,

So I am here giving you guys my day one update on the Xmas booktubeathon!

So I decided to start reading Captivated by you By: Sylvia Day. This book I have been waiting all year to read. I part of the Crossfire series which is an amazing series, I do recommend this book to anyone just keep in mind there is explicit content that some might find uncomfortable to read so be advised before getting into reading this series. I ended day one 145 pages into the 368 page book which is about 39% into the book which I believe it is not so bad if I do say so myself....(yeah I do know what is going on there)

I did not read as much as I wanted to yesterday and I am hoping to make it up today which we will how much that will happen since I have plans tonight (I cannot get out of, well I would not try to get out of it either way but you get what I am saying) and I am determine to complete all these challenges because what I am realizing about this booktubeathon is that it is giving an incentive on finishing books I was procrastinating on reading, pretty much It gave me a kick in the butt to reading some books I have been putting off and later I will post another post that will help with my procrastination as well.

So I said I will continue with these Updates as the weekend goes on and also you can follow my progress on Goodreads or seeing my Instagram Challenges I have completed on my Instagram Profile which is pantsbooks and you can find me on Goodreads under Gigit Hernandez.

Alright that is it for now guys, talk to you soon.

Thanks for Reading,



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