About Me

Hey Guys,

Thank you for finding my blog! (honestly thanks because if you found it you did a little amount of digging!)

I am 26 years old book lover. I live in Texas and I am going back to school to major in English and possibly getting my teaching certificate. I have always loved to read, I remember reading books more than playing video games like my brother and sisters. When I was in High School I began to read more and more. I actually stop reading so much when I got into College but then picked it up again and it exploded into having a huge library and many more books I wanted to read.

I recently started this blog about a year ago now. I decided to write this blog but I just love to talk about books and really other than my mom everyone else in my family and close to me really do not like to read as much as I do and this gives me an outlet to be able to geek out about books as well as just share my passion of what I love to read.

I hope you enjoy my blog and if not then I am happy you at least gave it chance that is all I can ask. I asked myself once, will I keep up with blog for many years down the line or is this a just in the moment thing? My answer is I will continue to do until I stop loving to do this. This is a fun outlet for me and when it is not fun anymore I know that is when I will stop.

Fun Facts about Pants:

1. I have two sisters and a brother

2. I have a awesome niece who I am happy to say is starting to love to read as much as I do!

3. I have a beautiful dog named Aria (who thinks she rules the house, *she does*)

4. I have been Paris and London and fell in love to both of those Places

5. My TBR "shelf" (bookcase) is reaching about 200 books!

6. I am obsessed with Instagram

7. My nickname is yaya pants (which is a long story, I will maybe tell you guys later about it)

8. I love chocolate

9. I have never read the Harry Potter Series! (I know! how is that possible!)

10. My Birthday is January 17th

11. I love Hummus

12. I really do not watch tv

13. I love to read Young Adult, New Adult, Some Romance, and some Gay Romance Novels.

14. I love to go to Music Festivals 


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